How are construction companies benefiting from UAVs (drones) on site?

The last few years have been all abuzz with new uses for drone technology. The construction sector, being more traditional and risk-averse by nature, has more recently been realising the huge benefits of drones on site.

Surveying and mapping

UAV technology allows for an accurate 3d representation of your site pre-construction. Extremely valuable for reducing time and cost variables involved in old methods for establishing gradients and quantitative data for surveyors.

Site progress reports

Periodic aerial shots offer a quick and effective way to show close action footage of how a build is progressing against the construction program, at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter.

Stakeholder engagement

Minimise the need for coordinating groups for a time consuming on site tour or meeting. A short progress video of the site can provide an overview of the whole site and explore particular areas of interest. Footage can be shared in real time with stakeholders in multiple locations.

Safety inspections

As safety on site is a massive and ongoing concern, UAVs are an excellent tool to capture data at height or hard to reach areas that would otherwise involve placing safety personnel at risk. There is no need for all the rigorous long winded safety equipment protocols, the UAV can capture detailed short and far range footage and can be viewed remotely.

Settle disputes

Detailed aerial footage is a valuable source of information to be used alongside site diaries and the site program, helping to establish where the gap between ‘real versus expected’ results have occurred, in order to settle a dispute.


Construction companies have approached us for aerial footage of sites they are working on to promote their return to certain locations or advancement in different sectors. Aerial footage can capture dramatic angles and beautiful close-up imagery that makes for a compelling story.


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