HKS Architects Proton Beam Therapy Centre at The Christie Hospital in Manchester

Bionic visualization was commissioned by HKS Architects to produce realistic, physically accurate night time renders of the new Christie Hospital Proton Beam Therapy Centre in Manchester.


PBT Centre 1      PBT 2


The purpose of the images was to demonstrate to The Trust the physical appearance of the architectural lighting on the building in a late night setting. We worked very closely with HKS and ARUP to ensure the lighting shown in the images matched exactly the Lumen, Kelvin and photometric distribution values of the manufacturers specification.


 PBT 3    PBT 4


We used the revit model of the building, which was enhanced with further details and materials. The environment is also full 3d and created using a combination of photography and google maps.

The final results were very warmly received by HKS, ARUP and The Trust.

We have since gone on to produce Virtual Reality images of the scene, which look fantastic - to view these and other pieces of work, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.


PBT 5    PBT 6


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