Bionics Construction Timeline

The Bionic Group provides a range of solutions for your industry across the entire construction life-cycle from Planning to Maintenance. We offer over 14 years of specialist experience in the construction sector and we are the UK’s leading specialist in the emerging UAV market.


We specialise in 4D construction graphics. Our animations have been used by contractors to visually test and improve logistics scenarios and construction installation sequences to help optimise the project programme.


Within a bid submission the ability to communicate technical information in a graphic representation cannot be underestimated. 3D modelling and interactive media saves time and can demonstrate to an audience technical details in a precise and simple lay term.


Completing a method statement is always useful as it will allow you to consider all the aspects of the works. Our 4D phasing animations and Bionic Eye’s site captured panoramics can be used in a method statement to graphically communicate your work activities to the project team.


Video is an engaging opportunity to communicate photographs and film captured on site. We can edit this information, overlay with voice-over and use motion graphics to deliver a compelling video. Video can be delivered across a wide range of platforms; online via social media, via email, in apps or as part of a presentation or meeting.


Lidar point cloud data can be recorded on a regular basis and overlaid to clearly show any movement over time. This can help identify deterioration of an asset and the necessary remedial action needed to rectify the problem.

Health and Safety

Using remote vehicles to gather information has significant Health and Safety benefits in two main areas. A reduction in the need to have personnel in high risk areas has significant efficiency gains in the planning and co-ordination of inspections, combined with the ease of obtaining accurate and timely site / asset information, allows Health and Safety site processes to be improved and more easily followed.          


Our team will work with you to find the best solution for each project, according to your budget aspirations. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team - connect with us on LinkedIn - The Bionic Group or Twitter @TheBionicGroup for project updates – or for further information call us on +44 (0)1753 653 456