Speaker Slot at Digital Construction Week

Some of our team took a day out to attend Digital Construction Week’s exhibition at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. Andy Ling, Director at Bionics, was invited to join a panel of visualisation specialists to discuss ‘Digital Winning Work’ related to successful bids and successful planning in the construction industry . 

The topics addressed, looked at  where the industry is currently ‘at’ in terms of embracing, and best utilising, digital methods for construction. We discussed our own industry insights, recommendations for best practice and the value of  3D visualization in securing work and ensuring project delivery.

The panel acknowledged that the main challenges we face in digital construction are time constraints, ensuring presentations communicate to an audience’s level of understanding, and compatibility between software programs. Everyone agreed  that digital simulations of complex processes benefit construction by explaining methodology, increasing efficiency and reducing risk through identification and prevention of issues pre-construction. We maintain a  very positive outlook for the future of our industry based on the return-on-value our clients receive and report back to us. 

Andy on panel discussions

In the exhibition hall there was a large focus on virtual reality and BIM, which is a marker for exciting times ahead and the progression of integrated digital construction tools.

DCW 2015

Always looking at new and improved software solutions for the company.

Jess and George at DCW 2015


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